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Extreme Scene | Cape Town Shark Cage Diving

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, our adventure tours provide made to order adrenaline pumping activities to suite every taste. Whether you are looking for an authentic African adventure tour or just an adrenaline overdose, Extreme Scene offers a wide range of Cape Town based adventure tours including such thrills as Skydiving, Paragliding and Shark Cage Diving! Our extensive Cape Town adventure tours will take you to the very edge of nature, from going face to face with the infamous Great White while shark cage diving, to Bush dinners with only the Lions as guests! Whether you are an individual, tour group, bachelor party group or looking for the ultimate corporate incentive/team building in South Africa, let Extreme Scene give you the best adventure tour and shark cage diving experience South Africa has to offer!

Some of the Cape Town adventure tours on offer from this specialist adventure tour operator include:

Cape Town Shark Cage Diving
This is no aquarium!! Your shark cage diving expedition begins with a light breakfast in Gansbaai followed by a brief orientation on the day's activities ahead where you will experience one of the most exhilarating days of your life! You do not need certification for the shark cage diving at Shark Alley. You will be given a full body wetsuit, weight belt, booties and face mask, and the dive master will run through all the procedures of where to hold on inside the cage etc. If you are not up to jumping in the cage you can get a brilliant view of these spectacular predators from the upper deck of the boat. The Skipper will begin "chumming" (the technique used to attract the sharks) and you will have the opportunity to view from the deck or to participate in a shark cage dive as the sharks make their appearance. Time permitting, the boat will visit Geyser Island en route, to view the Seal Colony. All equipment will be supplied. A light lunch and snacks and drinks will be served on the boat.

Game Fishing
The Cape has some of the richest Tuna grounds in the World today. The Yellowfin Tuna found in the Cape waters often top the scales at 80 kgs plus and we catch Longfin of 20 kgs plus. A day out in the deep will long be remembered as it brings you into contact not only with one of the world’s toughest fighting fish but also into a diverse ecosystem.

Best months for Tuna is April, May and early June or October, November and early December with May and November being competition time! from Sep to June, with the best times being at the beginning and end of the season. Tuna fishing takes a full day, 30 miles out to sea, so if you do suffer from seasickness then please ensure you take precautions before coming aboard. So get a crew of fisherman together and head off for some deep sea fishing.

Just make sure you are prepared for the fight of your life if you hook into a tuna or any of the other heavy fighting game fish that live in the deep seas of the Cape Coast.

Quad biking
By far the most exciting thing on 4 wheels, Quad Biking on the sand dunes is a rush like no other. Whether you’re speeding through the fast stretches or navigating the technical sections, Quadding will knock your socks off! All bikes are fully automatic or semi automatic so even the inexperienced can come and join us. Quad Biking on the sand dunes is truly an amazing and unique experience and very popular with our clients.

To find out about these, and other Cape Town adventure tours visit the Extreme Scene website.

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